this is how we work

ECOAN in action

In ECOAN we work on the conservation of endangered species, the protection of threatened habitats and the improvement of natural resource use practices. Through Restoration and Reforestation projects with native species, we protect mainly endangered and endemic birds in Andean ecosystems. Our work includes the creation and management of Private Conservation Areas (PCA), management in the creation of Regional Conservation Areas (RCA), implementation of social and environmental projects in National Protected Areas (NPA) by the State, and reforestation programs, monitoring and improvement of the quality of life in peasant and native communities.

In our work philosophy, we involve people related to our work areas to achieve real and constant success. Through training in sustainable management of natural resources, we help communities to improve their productive capacity, locate themselves in better markets and adequately use forest and wetland resources, as well as opt for alternative, native and environmentally friendly crops. We develop ecotourism programs in our networks of Conservation Areas and we encourage communities to be part of this process.

Likewise, we conduct research and monitoring of our protected species and the environmental services provided by the forests and wetlands.



High Andean forests and endemic birds in Vilcanota montains: In Cusco we work in the conservation of Polylepis forests through our network of PCA and community reforestation.


Junín y Pasco

The Chinchaycocha lake and its wetlands: From the endemic Junin Grebe to the work with local communities, in Junín and Pasco we join forces with the Lago Junín National Reserve to conserve life in this important freshwater reserve.


Cloudy forests and extraordinary birds: in Amazonas our work focuses on the restoration and protection of these forests that harbor the Long-whiskered Owlet and the Spatuletail Hummingbird.


San Martín

Mountain forests and native communities: In San Martín we work together with the Alto Mayo Protected Forest to conserve the forests through work with local communities and sustainable agriculture.


The last refuge of the Gray-Bellied Comet: We began our work in this important region, focusing our work on the recovery of the forests where the most threatened hummingbird of Peru lives.

Acción Andina

The success of the conservation and recovery of Polylepis forests carried on a regional scale: We join forces with partners from six Andean countries to ensure the future of the world's highest forests.