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ECOAN is a non-profit NGO dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and threatened Andean ecosystems. We work as a team with local communities to protect the habitat of these species, improve the use and exploitation of natural resources and restore degraded areas. Our work began 21 years ago in Cusco, we currently direct conservation and development projects in other regions of Peru, and we are the coordinators of a major initiative to protect high Andean forests in 5 countries of South America.


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The reduction of high Andean forests, deglaciation of snow peaks, disappearance of endemic species and lack of water is not a problem unique to our country. ECOAN joins allies from 5 countries to face a great challenge: Protect the world's highest forests. Find out more here.

Conserve Biodiversity

The great richness of species is an invaluable resource that is under constant threat. ECOAN identifies key and endangered species that represent their ecosystems systems and we direct conservation efforts to vulnerable populations. Along the mountain chain of the Andes, we conserve flora and fauna by protecting and restoring their habitats.

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Save our ecosystems

Andean ecosystems not only harbor incredible biodiversity, they are also a source of important resources such as water. Through the creation of Conservation Areas and large reforestation campaigns we protect areas such as primary forests, basin headwaters and wetlands to preserve water resources and soils. In these processes, we involve local communities in conservation commitments.

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Sustainable management

The best strategy to conserve nature is to create alliances with local communities. We develop environmental education programs, training for the improved use of resources, alternative energy and sustainable agriculture. Likewise, we encourage ecotourism in our networks of conservation areas and strengthen production capacities in rural areas and native populations.

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