Strengthening Management and Financial Sustainability of Five Protected Areas in the Northeast Corridor of Perú.

Strengthening Management and Financial Sustainability of Five Protected Areas in the Northeast Corridor of Perú.

A. Hiring a Consultant. ECOAN has hired biologist Darwin Miranda, who has been in charge of the preparation of the master plans and management plans of the five future PCAs belonging to the rural communities of San Lucas de Pomacochas, Yambrasbamba and Shipasbamba, as well as the informational workshops for the aforementioned documents. B. Development of Master Plans. Another activity that is being carried out are the informational workshops and workshops with community members of the C.C. of San Lucas de Pomacochas, C.C. Yambrasbamba and C.C. Shipasbamba to prepare the documents that will govern the PCAs belonging to these communities.

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C. Monitoring Plan (Surveys). An initial survey of socio-environmental issues was conducted with the residents of the three communities involved in the project. The results give us a clear picture of the socio-economic and environmental situation of the inhabitants of these three communities. The result obtained tells us that more than 50% of the respondents do not understand that it is a Private Conservation Area, and 95.8% of the respondents do not know that the documents being created are Master Plans and Management Plans. These results indicate issues which may need to be addressed in the next phase of the project.


D. Development of Level-Curve Maps. Another point within this project is to develop maps with level curves of the existing trails in Abra Patricia and Huembo. All of the necessary data has already been obtained and work is in progress for maps for the two zones. E. Construction of Two New Trails. During the month of December of this year the exploration and drawing of two new trails is being carried out. One is inside the Abra Patricia - Alto Nieva PCA and is inside the Huembo Ecological easement. These trails are scheduled to be open to the public at the beginning of 2017.

F. Marketing Plan. For the development of the Marketing Plan and Tourism Plan ECOAN hired the licensed professional Gleny Yennifer Vera Meléndez. During the months of October and November she carried out data collection with visits to the various private organizations and state institutions immersed in the tourism sector within the regions of San Martín, Amazonas and Lambayeque. All the information collected has been analyzed in the aspects of: a) Current Situational Analysis, and b) Systematization of Information. The product will be presented in the month of February 2017 at the Owlet Lodge facilities to all tour operators working in this region. G. Tourist Packages. Tour packages for Owlet Lodge and Huembo have been designed to provide our customers with a service and tour of the birding routes while providing a profit to support the reserves. At the same time we are developing the publication of routes and services through virtual marketing, including publications in birding magazines and the possibility of ad inserts in the magazines of national commercial airlines.

H. Training of parks guards. Coordinations have been carried out to find the best professionals for the training of park rangers in the following areas: a) Control and Surveillance, b) Forest Fire Management, c) First Aid, and d) Social Conflicts Management. I. Development of Environmental and Social Studies Protocols. The implementation plans for this item have been carefully evaluated due to some issues that arose between community leaders and park guards within the project zone. Another factor that has prevailed in this evaluation is the change of communal authorities which is taking place during the month of December in all the communities.