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ECOAN is an entity classified as a non-profit nongovernmental organization, registered in the Register of non-governmental organizations of development recipients of international technical cooperation (NGO) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for Resolution N 109-2001/PMC-SECTI of April 09, 2001. It has renewed its inscription for two years, in accordance with regulation, in the Record of Receiving Nongovernmental organizations of Development of International Technical cooperation ONGD Peru, of the Peruvian Agency of International cooperation – APCI, for Resolution Directoral 032-2011/APCI/DOC of January 14, 2011.

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To preserve the species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction and the threatened ecosystems; across the protection of the biological diversity and the use and sustainable handling of natural resources, in a frame of participation and mutual commitment with the authorities, and communities of the national, regional and local ambience.


ECOAN is a solid organization, stable, self-financing in its internal functioning, recognized at local, national and international levels as a leading institution, serious, responsible and trustworthy in the fulfilment of its mission; that contributes to the conservation of biological diversity, working in direct collaboration and close with the population, local authorities and communities, key allies in the implementation of conservation strategies of the planet.


From the statement of its Mission, ECOAN has analyzed different elements and hierarchies of biological diversity and of potential ambiences of intervention, to decide priorities for the short and medium-sized term. In hierarchy terms, ECOAN gives major importance to the species menazadas and its habitat, and secondly to the management, of the threatened ecosystems. Inside this frame of general reference, the priorities would be:

Spp. Birds > Spp. Plants > Spp. Mammals > >Threatened Ecosystems > Management and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Constantino Aucca Chutas


He conducted research on giant otters in the Rio Manu (1990) and participated in the University of Kansas Biological Diversity Program. Tino has worked on several conservation projects in high Andean forests, including expeditions with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (1997-2000) and with National Geographic (2000).

Gregorio Ferro Meza


Biologist, UNSAAC graduate, Involved in bird research in Peru as Cinclodes aricomae, L. xenothorax, Anairetes alpinus and Cinclodes palliatus critical species in Peru, and has collaborated with international scientists. Goyo has guided bird watching groups and is a Birdingperu Manager. He is currently the General Coordinator of ECOAN projects where he has been working on the restoration of Polylepis Forests with our strategic partners, the communities.

Efrain Samochuallpa

Botany and Ecology

Biologist, current Vice President of ECOAN. He has worked from 2001 to 2013 on research and management on Andean forests. Graduated from the Master of "Planning and Environmental Management, Catholic of Santa Maria (2006). Graduated from the Management and Management Course at ANPs Colorado State University. From January to December of 2014 he has served as Regional Manager of GORE Cusco. Chairman of the Management Committee of the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu (2014).

Willy Palomino Condori

Botany and Ecology

Willy has worked on a variety of conservation projects throughout Peru, including expeditions in the southeast and northeast regions, He is a specialist in Polylepis.


Jhon S. Cansaya Carrion

Ecology and Hydrologist

Ecologist and Hydrologist Jhon has worked in Polylepis forest ecology, along the tropical Andes on carbon capture and regeneration of forests, currently he is working approach in hidric balance in Polylepis forests in southern Peru.

Magaly Roca Rozas

Agricultural Engineer

Engineer Agronomist, graduated from the national university San Antonio Abad of Cusco. Responsible for the development of Vilcanota project activities and main coordinator in the production and implementation of community nurseries for Re / afforestation activities.


Walter Cosio Loaiza

Coordinator Abra patricia and huembo

Since the 2012 is the administrator of the two Lodge and the private conservation areas where they are located, biologist specializing in entomology. Working for conservation with local communities and authorities.

Jose Oriel Altamirano

Coordinator Altomayo project- Conservation International

Since the 2012 is the administrator of the two Lodge and the private conservation areas where they are located, biologist specializing in entomology. Working for conservation with local communities and authorities.. Now He's working with some people.

Amner Del Aguila Cobos

Manager Altomayo project

I am an Environmental Engineer and I am developing the activity of administrator in this project, of Conservation Agreements, with the tasks of distribution of incentives in the field to the subscribers, as well as the transfer of seedlings to the different sub basins, encouraging and promoting afforestation for the Conservation of the Alto Mayo Protection Forest.

Jose Santos Montenegro Tantajulca

Coordinator of Huembo Interpretation Center

From farmer to bird expert is the story of Santos, who started when he was given some old binoculars and a bird book, he learned much more with the trainings of ECOAN and is currently the coordinator of Huembo Lodge.


Alan Chamorro cuestas

Coordinator Junin projects

Master's Degree in Applied Ecology at UNALM, with more than 10 years dedicated to the research of endangered species of fauna in the ecosystems of the High Andes, implementing projects of Natural Resources Conservation and Sustainable Development for Andean Peasant Communities.