Protecting the Amazon Headwaters in Northern Peru Phase II.

Protecting the Amazon Headwaters in Northern Peru Phase II.

a) Continue with the creation of Private Conservation Areas with the following rural communities: San Lucas de Pomacochas (PCA Arroyo Negro and PCA San Lorenzo), Yambrasbamba (PCA Monte Puyo – Bosque de Nubes, PCA Copal – Cuilungo); Shipasbamba (PCA Alto Shipasbamba).

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b) Construction of a Nursery in Perla de Imaza. This process is in a standby phase, due to inconveniences that arose with the community meetings of the El Afluente sector and BPAM park guards during the month of September of this year. We are waiting for the election of new communal authorities to continue with the scheduled work, and if this fails we will propose the relocation of this nursery in either the San Jose Sector or the Annex of Buenos Aires of the C.C. Yambrasbamba.


c) Recruitment of a Cooperator for the Regional Government of Amazonas (GOREAM). At the request of the A.R.A. of GOREAM, José Ocampo Cedillo has been hired to be in charge of raising observations made by SERNANP to the Regional Conservation Areas records presented by GREAM (Regional Government of Amazonas). The cooperator has been working in coordination with the A.R.A. Manager, ECOAN’s President and ECOAN’s Northern Project Coordinator.

d) Equipment for Park Guards and Community Meetings. This activity is being evaluated by ECOAN in order to achieve optimal results. The reason for evaluation is that some mishaps occurred between BPAM park guards and community meetings of the El Afluente sector. These unfortunate events had a negative impact on the development of this activity.

e) Dissemination of Material for PCAs. An explanatory brochure on "What are the Private Conservation Areas" has been prepared. This material was delivered to the community members of the three communities involved in the project. During the next two months, more copies of these materials will be printed. f) Generate Long-Term Funds for the Management of Protected Areas through Ecotourism. ECOAN’s Executive Director plus a partner and member of the ECOAN Board Committee, Mr. Paul Cripps, made inspection visits to several caves within the Yambrasbamba area, the objective being to verify possibilities for tourism within this zone.